Intellectual Property

A good idea may very well be worth its weight in gold – if you have protected it as intellectual property. To do so, you should consult legal counsel with both legal and technological expertise.

Our lawyers manage intellectual property portfolios worldwide, draft licensing agreements, and draw up know-how protection concepts. They are experienced in ordinary proceedings and temporary injunction cases before German and international courts and authorities.

At SKW Schwarz, we combine our long-standing experience in intellectual property law with a deep-seated knowledge of  the tech, media, and IT sectors. We understand the day-to-day business of start-ups just as well as the complexities of global conglomerates.

Our lawyers manage and monitor global IP portfolios, design license agreements, and draft know-how protection concepts. They conduct ordinary and interim relief proceedings before German and international courts and authorities. A specific example is our experience in impounding procedures by customs. We cooperate with customs and law enforcement agencies to intercept fake brand products while they are being imported.

This particularly rapid enforcement has several advantages. Unauthorized parties do not even get to exploit our clients’ good reputation for their purposes. This prevents low-quality counterfeit items from damaging brand value that was carefully built over time. Swift and decisive action, furthermore, deters potential future perpetrators. It is no surprise, therefore, that this time-tested approach is widely cited in the trade press as an illustration of our expertise in design and trademark law.

For the confectionery industry an annual review with current case law with a focus on Trademark, Design and Competition Law is issued every year. Find our latest edition of Confectionery Industry Special – 2020 in the download section.