Data Economy

Data is now referred to as the oil of the 21st century. In our view, this comparison still downplays the importance that data nowadays has. Data is the key success factor in all modern business models. This applies to both purely digital and classic business models.

We understand data as an asset, comparable to other IP assets such as trademarks and designs. Our holistic advisory approach is based on this understanding.

We assist our clients in making the best possible use of personal and non-personal data. We advise on establishing (non-personal) data pools and their exploitation. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science play a prominent role in this context.

We advise on pooling and mining contracts, licensing agreements, and know-how protection with a special focus on data protection. Our holistic advisory approach includes covering the data economy as a complete sector. This includes the entire data value chain and all aspects of a data-driven business.

Many classic business models are currently undergoing their respective digital transformation. Companies frequently only notice later what sources of raw materials they actually possess.

Our advisory fields include:

  • differentiation of the protection of personal data and the monetization of non-personal data (including the issues of data ownership, data sovereignty and open data)
  • support at all stages of the digital transformation
  • advice on all legal issues relating to the Data Economy (including issues relating to antitrust law and competition law)
  • enforcing exclusive rights
  • developing protection concepts, including concepts for the Trade Secret Act
  • developing business and utilization concepts
  • drafting and negotiation of pooling, mining, and licensing agreements
  • examination of data-based business models/utilization concepts for compliance and feasibility
  • support in the context of company transactions (both for buyers and sellers), where data and other IP rights increasingly are the actual targets

Our 9 experts for Data Economy

Jens  Borchardt

Jens Borchardt


Markus von Fuchs

Markus von Fuchs


Dr. Christoph  Krück

Dr. Christoph Krück

Senior Associate

Christina  Kufer

Christina Kufer


Hannah  Mugler

Hannah Mugler


Dr. Stefan  Peintinger

Dr. Stefan Peintinger


Dr. Andreas  Peschel-Mehner

Dr. Andreas Peschel-Mehner


Stefan C. Schicker

Stefan C. Schicker

Managing Partner

Julian  Westpfahl

Julian Westpfahl