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SKW Schwarz is a pioneer in the field of Legal Tech.

We don't just talk about digitalization, we live it. That’s why we have established our own Legal Tech department and have been consistently developing our activi-ties since 2018 in order to simplify processes, offer innovative solutions and work more cost-efficiently.

In 2018, the firm set up its SKW Schwarz @ Tech GmbH, where we bundle all activities regarding legal tech across all offices and departments. SKW Schwarz @ Tech GmbH deals with the development, adaptation, marketing and distribution of legal tech products and applications. In addition, we provide consulting services relating to the digitalization of legal services. We also rely on active dialog and cooperation with legal tech companies and work closely with external consultants in areas such as legal design thinking. Through its membership of the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI) and internal workshops, SKW Schwarz emphasizes the training of all employees in the subject of digitalization, legal tech and AI.

Our InnovationLab

Our Innovation Lab team combines legal and technical expertise and focuses on the development of digital products and services. Where we ask ourselves whether we can continue to work profitably in the future, we tackle the digitalization and productization of our services first. One of our main priorities is the automation of legal products, such as the drafting of contracts. Our aim is to manage the knowledge within the firm effectively and to establish a legal self-service structure for all accounts and clients.

Digitalization Consulting

The boundaries between providing legal advice, strategic consulting and digital consultancy are becoming increasingly blurred. Today's business challenges require a multidisciplinary approach. Companies need consulting services that go beyond mere legal expertise in order to optimize their business models, digitalize processes, minimize risks and take advantage of growth opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming ever more important in the legal world as it enhances efficiency through data processing, contract review, automated tasks and predictive analytics. Nonetheless, ethical, privacy and regulatory considerations must be taken into account. The integration of AI into legal counseling enables faster analysis of large amounts of data, identification of complex patterns and trends, and automation of time-consuming tasks.

How do we keep up with the rapid innovation of AI? Through knowledge transfer! We run an in-house Innovation Talk series every two weeks. This is where we talk about legal basics, the use of AI in legal work and the overall impact of legal tech on society. For example, we demonstrate how "prompt engineering" works best or how databases can be searched using AI.

Legal Tech curriculum

Legal Tech is firmly integrated into the training program at SKW Schwarz. Wherever possible, at least one employee on each account is trained as an Innovation Ambassador who deals with the digitalization of legal services. In addition to our own in-house seminars, we offer our employees further training in cooperation with Bucerius Law School on topics such as workflow analysis, project management, legal design thinking and coding for lawyers.

Legal Tech Meetups, Speaking Engagements, and In-house Training

We promote constant dialogue between lawyers, legal tech providers, publishers, companies and financial investors and regularly organize legal tech meetups. Since 2018, SKW Schwarz has actively supported the Munich chapter of Legal Hackers, a global initiative around legal tech solutions and products. You can meet our legal tech team at legal tech conferences. We conduct in-house training courses for our clients and those who want to become one.

Legal Tech Association Germany

SKW Schwarz is a member of the Legal Tech Verband Deutschland, an association founded in May 2020 to bring together market players committed to a fair and competitive opening of the legal market. The association comprises a wide range of members, including legal tech companies, law firms, legal departments, legal protection insurers, debt collection service providers as well as software and media companies. The association's central themes are the digitalization of justice, new technologies and access to justice. As a platform, the association offers a unique opportunity to discuss innovative ideas, develop solutions and play an active role in shaping the future of legal services. For SKW Schwarz, membership of the Legal Tech Verband Deutschland provides a valuable framework for exchanging ideas with leading players and jointly mastering the challenges of digital transformation in the legal sector.

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Liquid Legal Institute (LLI)

SKW Schwarz is a member of the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI). The LLI is an international think tank in the legal form of an association. The Institute aims to promote digitalization and innovation in the legal sector while further developing the existing legal framework. Its members are leading companies, law firms, tech providers and individuals who are committed to shaping the future of legal services. The Institute provides an interdisciplinary, neutral and non-commercial platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration for thought leaders in the legal industry. The Institute collaborates on research projects, hosts educational programs and ensures the exchange of ideas and best practices in the area of digital transformation in the legal sector. Being a member of the LLI provides us with a unique forum to discuss current challenges in the legal industry, find solutions together and participate in shaping the future of legal services.

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Best of Legal Award in the Category "New Work & Culture"

At the Best of Legal Awards 2022 of WirtschaftsWoche, SKW Schwarz was named the winner in the "New Work & Culture" category. The law firm came second in both the "Innovative Business Models" and "Leader of the Year" categories. SKW Schwarz stood out in particular for its innovative, highly digitalized way of working. With the SKW Schwarz Innovation Lab, the law firm has established an internal unit that follows the flexible approach of the tech world and develops technical solutions for previously inefficient legal processes.

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Focussing on Legal Delivery

The fundamental transformation tool for the traditional law firm strategy.

The competitive situation on the legal market is changing. In this context, legal delivery is emerging as an additional pillar of modern legal services and represents the link between the strategic cornerstones of people and clients.

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Podcast "Innovative Natives" (In German)

Join us, as we explore the complexities of newly emerged legal areas, the significance of interdisciplinary approaches, the challenges of the innovation dilemma, and the anticipated shifts AI will bring to the legal sector. The transformation of the legal world is digital, it is interdisciplinary and, above all, unstoppable. For the New Generation Law, we address all the issues surrounding disruption and innovation in the legal sector in our Podcast series “Innovative Natives”.

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Our Innovation Lab-Team

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Legal Tech & Innovation Manager

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Valéri Pollentzke

Legal Tech Advisor

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Partner (Of Counsel)

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