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SKW Schwarz is a pioneer in the field of Legal Tech.

We don't just talk about digitalization, we live it. That's why we've established our own Legal Tech division and consistently expanded our efforts since 2018 to simplify processes, offer new solutions, and work more cost-effectively.

Already at the end of 2018, the firm founded SKW Schwarz @ Tech GmbH, where we consolidate all activities in the area of Legal Tech across various locations and specialties. SKW Schwarz @ Tech GmbH focuses on the development, adaptation, marketing, and distribution of Legal Tech products and applications. We provide consultation related to the digitalization of legal services. We also emphasize active exchange and collaboration with Legal Tech companies such as Bryter and Smash-docs, and closely work with external consultants, particularly in the area of Legal Design Thinking.

Our InnovationLab

Our Innovation Lab team combines legal and technical expertise, focusing on the development of digital products and services. Where we question whether we can continue to operate profitably in the future, we begin with the digitalization and productization of our services.

Digitalization Consulting

The boundaries between legal advice, business consulting, and digitalization consulting are increasingly blurring. Today's business challenges demand a multidisciplinary approach. Companies require advisory services that go beyond mere legal expertise to optimize their business models, digitalize processes, minimize risks, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the legal world as it enhances the efficiency of processes through data analysis, contract review, automated tasks, and predictive analytics, all while taking into account ethical, data protection, and supervisory aspects. The integration of AI into legal consulting allows for faster analysis of large data sets, the identification of complex patterns and trends, and the automation of time-consuming tasks. How do we stay current? Through knowledge sharing! We host an AI Talk series every two weeks. Here, we discuss legal foundations, the use of AI in legal practices, and the broader societal impacts of AI. For instance, we demonstrate in calls how "Prompt Engineering" works best or how databases can be searched using AI.

Legal Tech training

Legal Tech is deeply ingrained in the training program at SKW Schwarz. In every team engaged with a mandate, at least one member is trained as an Innovation Ambassador, focusing on the digitalization of consulting services. In addition, we offer our employees - apart from our in-house seminars - further training in collaboration with Bucerius Law School on topics such as workflow analysis, project management, legal design thinking, and coding for lawyers.

Legal Tech Meetups, Speaking Engagements, and In-house Training

We promote consistent dialogue between lawyers, legal tech providers, publishers, businesses, and financial investors by hosting regular Legal Tech meetups. Since 2018, SKW Schwarz actively supports the Munich chapter of Legal Hackers, a global initiative focused on solutions and products in the Legal Tech field. You can meet our Legal Tech team at Legal Tech conferences. Additionally, we conduct in-house training sessions for our clients.

Podcast "Innovative Natives" (In German)

Delve deep into the evolution of law in our digital age. Join Clara Raschewski (Head of Innovation and Legal Tech) as she explores the complexities of newly emerged legal areas, the significance of interdisciplinary approaches, the challenges of the innovation dilemma, and the anticipated shifts AI will bring to the legal sector.

The transformation of the legal world is relentless, marked by digital and interdisciplinary advances. But what does it truly mean to innovate in law? Is it all about Legal Tech, or is there room for Legal Hacking?

Tune into "Innovative Natives" monthly on your favorite podcast platform to explore disruption and innovation in the legal realm. Please note: This podcast is presented in German.

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Best of Legal Award in the Category "New Work & Culture"

SKW Schwarz has been named the winner in the "New Work & Culture" category of WirtschaftsWoche's Best of Legal Awards 2022. The firm took second place in both the "Innovative Business Models" and "Leader of the Year" categories. In particular, SKW Schwarz scored points for its innovative, highly digitalized way of working. With the SKW Schwarz Innovation Lab, the firm has established an internal unit that is oriented toward the agile methods of the tech world and develops technical solutions for previously inefficient consulting processes.

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Liquid Legal Institute (LLI)

SKW Schwarz is a member of the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI). The LLI is an international think tank, established in the form of an association. The Institute aims to advance digitalization and innovation in the legal sector while also evolving existing legal frameworks. Its members include leading corporations, law firms, technology providers, and individuals committed to shaping the future of legal services. The Institute provides an interdisciplinary, neutral, and non-commercial platform for dialogue, collaboration, and discussion for visionaries in the legal industry. The Institute collaboratively undertakes research projects, organizes educational programs, and ensures the exchange of ideas and best practices in the realm of digital transformation in law. Membership in the LLI offers us a unique platform to discuss current challenges in the legal sector, collaboratively find solutions, and participate in shaping the future of legal consulting.

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Our Innovation Lab-Team

Julius Burgemeister

Research Assistant

Lara Guyot

Senior Associate


Helena Kasper



Dr. Stephan Morsch



Jagoda Piekarska

Student Assistant Legal Tech

Clara Raschewski

Head of Legal Tech

Stefan Schicker



Dr. Alexander Steinbrecher

Partner (Of Counsel)

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