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SKW Schwarz is one of the pioneers in the field of legal tech.

We don't just talk about digitalisation, we live it. That's why we have built up our own legal tech division and have consistently developed our activities since 2018 in order to simplify processes, offer new solutions and work more cost-efficiently.

By the end of 2018, the firm had founded SKW Schwarz @ Tech GmbH, in which the lawyers bundle all activities in the legal tech field covering all locations and specialist areas. SKW Schwarz @ Tech GmbH deals with the development, customization, marketing and distribution of legal tech products and applications. We provide advice in connection with the digitalization of legal services. In this context, we also rely on active exchange and cooperation with legal tech companies such as Bryter and Smashdocs and work closely with external consultants, for example in the area of legal design thinking.

Our InnovationLab

Our Innovation Lab team combines legal and technical know-how and is engaged in the development of digital products and services. Where we ask ourselves whether we can continue to work profitably in the future, we are the first to start with the digitalisation and productisation of our services.

Legal Tech training

Legal Tech is firmly integrated into the training program at SKW Schwarz. In each team dealing with clients, at least one member is trained as an Innovation Ambassador, who works on the digitalization of advisory services. In addition, we offer our lawyers - in addition to our own in-house seminars - training in cooperation with Bucerius Law School on topics such as workflow analysis, project management, legal design thinking and coding for lawyers.

Legal Tech Meetups, speaking engagements and in-house trainings

We promote continuous exchange between lawyers, legal tech providers, publishers, companies and financial investors and regularly hold Legal Tech Meetups. You will meet our legal tech team at legal tech conferences (including Anwalts Zukunftskongress 2019, Swiss Legal Tech Conference, Die Unternehmervertrauten, Berlin Legal Tech Conference, Techtalk Legal). We conduct in-house trainings for our clients.

Excellent team

SKW Schwarz has been awarded the Best of Legal Award 2021 by Wirtschaftswoche. In the category "Products and Services", the law firm convinced with a mix of various legal tech products, including the Jurisdiction Scanner & the startup landing page as well as with legal tech services.

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Best of Legal Award in the Category "New Work & Culture"

SKW Schwarz has been named the winner in the "New Work & Culture" category of WirtschaftsWoche's Best of Legal Awards 2022. The firm took second place in both the "Innovative Business Models" and "Leader of the Year" categories. In particular, SKW Schwarz scored points for its innovative, highly digitalized way of working. With the SKW Schwarz Innovation Lab, the firm has established an internal unit that is oriented toward the agile methods of the tech world and develops technical solutions for previously inefficient consulting processes.

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Digital advice for startups

We offer legal assistance to startups in the pre-seed phase through our website. This helps young companies avoid the biggest legal mistakes when budgets for legal advice are low. With short explanation videos and simple legal tech tools, we make it easier to set up the business, explain what to look out for in online marketing, and clarify the basics of employment law. And if the problem is a bit bigger, the perfect SKW Schwarz lawyer is just a click away.

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Legal Hackers

Since 2008 SKW Schwarz has actively supported the Munich Chapter of Legal Hackers, a worldwide initiative for solutions and products in the area of legal technology.

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Our Innovation Lab-Team

Lara Guyot

Senior Associate


Helena Kasper



Leonie Kolster

Research Assistant

Dr. Stephan Morsch



Fréderic von Nerée

Research Assistant

Clara Raschewski

Head of Legal Tech

Yannik Rothweiler

Legal Engineer

Stefan Schicker



Ferdinand Wessels

Legal Engineer