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Dr. Dorothee Altenburg


Dr. Dorothee  Altenburg

Intellectual property rights protect the cutting-edge developments that take place at the heart of companies. To me, therefore, IP is the most exciting legal field.

Dr. Dorothee Altenburg represents clients in all aspects of intellectual property law. She is particularly experienced in the area of trademark law. Operating in Germany as well as internationally, Dr. Altenburg devises legal strategies to establish and defend trademarks, design rights, and patents. She represents clients before the relevant authorities in Germany, in the European Union, and in WIPO proceedings. She conducts trademark registrations worldwide. She has substantial experience in drafting licensing agreements. She is acquainted with the litigation issues that arise in the environs of intellectual property and (unfair) competition law. She represents clients before customs authorities counterfeiting cases. She also coordinates EU-wide customs seizure proceedings against counterfeit products.

Dr. Altenburg further represents publishers, media companies, and artists in matters to do with copyright, publishing law, and personality rights.