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Justyna Lidia Niwinski


 Justyna Lidia  Niwinski

Das Reden über Probleme schafft Probleme. Das Reden über Lösungen schafft Lösungen.                 - Steve de Shazer -

Justyna Lidia Niwinski has many years of experience in business law consulting and litigation. She specializes in banking law, and has particular experience in building and loan associations law, construction financing law, as well as money laundering issues. Justyna Lidia Niwinski is especially familiar with the internal procedures of clients, as she spent several years working as an in-house lawyer in the legal department of a major bank.

After joining a supra-regional commercial law firm in Hamburg, Justyna Lidia Niwinski specialized further in litigation and negotiation. She successfully represented her clients in several hundred court cases throughout Germany.

Justyna Lidia Niwinski also advises on commercial and corporate law issues. The scope of her advice includes, inter alia, distribution law, company formations and the restructuring of corporate groups.