Venture Capital

We regularly advise financial investors, strategic investors, family offices, and start-ups on all legal and tax issues relating to venture capital investments – from establishing companies through the various phases of growth financing (such as structuring and carrying out funding rounds in the form of majority or minority shareholdings, mezzanine investments, co-investment agreements, management and employee shareholdings, financing on the capital market/crowdfunding) to exits (share deal, asset deal, IPO, strategic transformation/cooperation).

Our advisory range includes in particular:

  • advice in connection with investments in companies (due diligence / legal risk management, drafting / negotiating contractual documentation / purchase agreement / investment agreement / shareholders’ agreement, deal management in bidding procedures) and exits
  • providing and managing electronic data rooms
  • advice on stock options (ESOP), virtual investments (VSOP, phantom shares), incentive and bonus agreements
  • ongoing advice to portfolio companies (structural measures, add-on acquisitions)
  • structuring public financing rounds, securities, and investments (in particular, electronic crowdfunding)
  • drafting family office investment structures

Our 8 experts for Venture Capital

Eva  Bonacker

Eva Bonacker


Dr. Martin  Böttger

Dr. Martin Böttger


Dr. Andreas  Hitzel

Dr. Andreas Hitzel


Dr. Stephan  Morsch

Dr. Stephan Morsch

Managing Partner

Nick  Niederberger

Nick Niederberger

Senior Associate

Dr. Matthias  Nordmann

Dr. Matthias Nordmann


Dr. Angela  Poschenrieder

Dr. Angela Poschenrieder


Christine  Wärl

Christine Wärl