Corporate sustainability and ESG

Sustainable action in the corporate sense means harmonizing economic, ecological and social goals (the so-called sustainability triangle) with equal weighting for the well-being of current and future generations. Today, this is usually summarized under the abbreviation ESG.

With our comprehensive advice, we ensure that legal certainty, sustainability and economic suc-cess in your company form an equilateral triangle.

ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance. The challenges and objectives behind ESG are not new. What is new, however, is the acute pressure to act. Climate change, geopolitical upheaval and social and political pressure are increasingly forcing companies to build resilience, rethink their business models and organization and act more sustainably in many areas - and thus take responsibility for their own actions. This is ensured not only by a large number of national and international regulations, but also by employee requirements, customer wishes and pressure from society and investors.

ESG is a cross-cutting issue that covers a wide range of legal and non-legal topics and therefore requires interdisciplinary and holistic legal advice.

SKW Schwarz's interdisciplinary and cross-jurisdictional advisory approach supports companies as well as their management and supervisory bodies in developing and implementing their own ESG strategies that meet the current requirements of the legislator, society and their business partners.

In particular, we advise on:

  • environmental and climate issues
  • occupational health and safety
  • diversity, equity and inclusion
  • sustainable procurement and supply chains
  • business ethics and sustainable corporate governance
  • green advertising and defence against green claims
  • reporting and disclosure obligations
  • ESG in M&A transactions
  • ESG in Real Estate

Our 3 experts for Corporate sustainability and ESG

Dr. Thomas  Hausbeck

Dr. Thomas Hausbeck


Anna-Sophia  Leitner

Anna-Sophia Leitner

Senior Associate

Justyna  Niwinski-Wellkamp

Justyna Niwinski-Wellkamp