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New StichwortKommentar eSport-Recht: SKW Schwarz lawyers listed as authors

The long-awaited "StichwortKommentar eSport-Recht", published by Prof. Dr. Martin Maties, is now also available as a printed edition (Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft).
On 1,080 pages, 56 renowned authors have addressed the legal nuances of the eSports industry in 122 keywords.
We are pleased to point out that among the more than 50 authors are SKW Schwarz attorneys Heiko Wunderlich, Dr. Martin Böttger and Dr. Nepomuk Nothelfer (research assistant).

Dr. Martin Böttger authored chapter 113 "Venture Capital, Begriffe allgemein" and - in cooperation with Heiko Wunderlich - chapters 112 "Venture Capital, allgemein" and 114 "Venture Capital, Begriffe Steuerrecht".

In addition, Dr. Nepomuk Nothelfer commented on the following key points:

  1. "Arbeitserlaubnis" (pp. 38-39, co-author: Dr. Sebastian Klaus)
  2. "Aufenthalt" (pp. 121-123, co-author: Dr. Sebastian Klaus)
  3. "Einreise" (p. 391, co-author: Dr. Sebastian Klaus)
  4. "eSportler, Sozialversicherung" (pp. 447-454, co-author: Christian Koops)
  5. "Gewerkschaft" (pp. 526-534)
  6. "Immigration" (pp. 557-575, co-author: Dr. Sebastian Klaus)
  7. "Visum" (pp. 1038-1040, co-author: Dr. Sebastian Klaus)

Many thanks for the great contributions!


Martin Böttger

Dr. Martin Böttger


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Nepomuk Nothelfer

Dr. Nepomuk Nothelfer

Research assistant

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Heiko Wunderlich

Heiko Wunderlich


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