Automotive & Mobility

Automotive and mobility companies move at an enormous pace. The Internet of Things gains ground in this sector. The sharing economy reinvents the entire concept of mobility. Many of our clients are affected by these immense innovations. They seek answers, today, for the questions of tomorrow. They seek advice on the concomitant legal challenges. We can provide that. We anticipated the scenario. Our service accompanies our clients in prompt, successful and sustainable ways.

For instance, for various leading manufacturers we build the legal design for pioneering mobility offers by means of apps. We monitor the digital as well as practical implementation.

We also support our clients in developing innovative business models for mobility services. In this area, we design tailor-made legal and contractual solutions, ranging from conception and structuring to day-to-day business.

In addition, we closely assist the development and procurement of technical equipment for all kinds of novel functions in vehicles, including the connection to corresponding back-end systems. We deal with innovations that will be available on the market in the years to come. Also, in terms of designing and implementing new cooperation models, world-renowned suppliers rely on our advice.