Every person, every family is unique. This is reflected in different developments, interests, and problems in certain life situations.

We apply our comprehensive expertise to advise our clients in all legal matters, leading them to optimal solutions while always keeping in mind the balance of interests among all parties, especially among the generations. Our interdisciplinary advice serves to solve problems of family law and inheritance law, including in highly complex asset planning and business succession structures.

Assets & Succession

We advise family businesses, private clients, foundations, and family offices on planning, arranging, and designing their asset structure and succession.

Our advisory range includes in particular:

  • Strategies for business succession
  • Supporting reorganizations
  • National and international asset succession including anticipated succession
  • Relocation planning
  • Asset protection planning
  • Legal and fiscal estate planning
  • Foundation solutions (family foundations, charitable foundations, double foundations)

Family Law

We advise on all issues relating to family law, in particular on

  • Designing and reviewing prenuptial agreements including court representation
  • Tax planning and structuring among spouses
  • Legal support during separation and divorce
  • Resolving maintenance questions
  • Resolving issues of parent/child relationships

Inheritance Law

We advise on matters of national and international inheritance law, in particular on

  • Wills, inheritance contracts
  • Powers of attorney (general power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney)
  • Living wills
  • Estate structuring
  • Inheritance settlements including court representation
  • Cross-border inheritance cases
  • Executions of wills

Representation in court and mediation cases

We also represent our clients’ interests in court and in mediation cases.

Our 14 experts for Private Clients

Frank van Alen

Frank van Alen


Dr. Kerstin  Aust

Dr. Kerstin Aust


Dr. Christian  Becker

Dr. Christian Becker


Dr. Martin  Böttger

Dr. Martin Böttger


Dr. Jens-Hendrik  Kern

Dr. Jens-Hendrik Kern


Stefan  Kridlo

Stefan Kridlo


Christoph  Meyer

Christoph Meyer


Dr. Amelie  Schroth der Zweite

Dr. Amelie Schroth der Zweite


Prof. Dr. Mathias  Schwarz

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schwarz


Dr. Gerd  Seeliger

Dr. Gerd Seeliger


Stefan  Skulesch

Stefan Skulesch


Martin  Stück

Martin Stück


Nicole  Wolf-Thomann

Nicole Wolf-Thomann


Heiko  Wunderlich

Heiko Wunderlich