Press & Publishing

Nothing is as old as yesterday’s newsfeed. Publishing has always been a high-paced environment. Social media platforms, ratings portals, and other digital distribution channels have accelerated this. Also, the question of when a statement becomes the subject of litigation has gained in importance. We address these challenges with a special team covering the right of free speech. According to sources such as JUVE, our market position is undisputed.

In addition, our expertise includes developing, designing, and negotiating contracts with authors, illustrators, photographers, translators, and publishers. Representing publishers in legal disputes with competitors and authors is also part of our work. When it comes to court proceedings, injunctive relief (both the obtaining of, and defense against, preliminary injunctions) plays a particularly important role. Exact knowledge of the different courts and their particularities allows us to represent our clients’ interests in the best possible way. Due to our long-standing and intensive court experience, we also have clear sensitivity for the right trial tactics for each individual case.

Our expertise in classical IT and in digitization and e-commerce issues enables us to advise publishers and their distribution partners competently with regard to developing and distributing digital publishing products. Our know-how in matters of film and TV, on the other hand, benefits publishers and authors when it comes to the audiovisual exploitation of their work.

In cooperation with the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, we developed model contracts for publishers. These were published in the reference book “Recht im Verlag” [“Law in the publishing house”] (Wegner / Wallenfels / Kaboth, published by C.H. Beck), with contributions by our lawyers as editors and authors.

Members of the Practice Group hold positions in the industry associations (such as the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, BDZV) and thus assist in shaping the publishing industry.

Lawyers from the Practice Group are regularly recognized with awards.