At SKW Schwarz, we love music and we have been intimately familiar with the subject for many years. With a highly specialized team of lawyers, we have made a name for ourselves as a top address for all legal issues relating to music production, exploitation, and marketing, in Germany and far beyond. Our advice is consistently sought by numerous well-known players in the music and entertainment sectors.

Music connects. Creatives and music lovers. Makers and markets. Matters and media. And for some years now, increasingly also the analog and digital worlds. Streaming services, online platforms, and social networks are setting the tone nowadays, in addition to other innovative segments such as branded entertainment or e-sports. Even vinyl records have regained their important place in the musical world. And concerts remain timeless classics, anyway.

With continually growing potential, music is a valuable economic factor for artists, record labels, publishers and platforms, promoters, merchandisers, and collecting societies (such as GEMA and GVL) but also for brand manufacturers and financial investors.

Players in the music industry consult us for a wide variety of issues, ranging from “classic” artist and copyright assignment agreements to NFT's (non-fungible tokens), pastiches, or sampling. When it comes to complex collective rights management, we are the first point of contact. We also regularly assist with several other types of transactions in the music industry, such as music catalog sales, joint ventures, start-ups, shareholdings, and exits.

Wherever music is in play, we support our clients in contractually resolving rights and optimally structuring the production, exploitation, and marketing of music throughout the entire exploitation chain.

Our 6 experts for Music

Dr. Johann  Heyde

Dr. Johann Heyde


Dr. Eberhard  Kromer

Dr. Eberhard Kromer


Maximilian  Moll de Alba

Maximilian Moll de Alba


Dr. Ulrich  Reber

Dr. Ulrich Reber


Götz  Schneider-Rothhaar

Götz Schneider-Rothhaar


Alexandra  Streichfuss

Alexandra Streichfuss