And now a short commercial break? In times of sponsored content, native advertising, or ambush marketing, the classic separation of programming and advertising content is blurred more than ever. This also increases the area of legal challenges by advertisers, media, PR and creative agencies. The impact of warnings and preliminary injunctions is still underestimated, however. The economic consequences can be catastrophic if advertising needs to be suddenly stopped or products even have to be taken off the market due to incorrect packaging information.

Of course, we can also represent clients in the relevant trials. It is more efficient and meaningful to avoid them in the first place. We therefore see our main task as giving precautionary advice to our clients. We are, however, not a preventive force, but a creative pioneer that should be involved as early as possible.

We know what is permitted in advertising and what is not. And, more importantly, how it can be done after all and what to consider in buyouts or in product placement.

Our 8 experts for Advertising

Jens  Borchardt

Jens Borchardt


Dr. Johann  Heyde

Dr. Johann Heyde


Dr. Anna  Kellner

Dr. Anna Kellner


Maximilian  König

Maximilian König


Moritz  Mehner

Moritz Mehner


Vivian  Pérez

Vivian Pérez

Senior Associate

Corinna  Schneiderbauer

Corinna Schneiderbauer


Cynthia  Smponias

Cynthia Smponias