Film & TV

Lights, camera, action: Motion pictures continue to be one of the most important and attention-commanding media. TV series can rightly be described as the trendsetting format of our times.

For decades now, SKW Schwarz has been exceptionally deeply involved in all aspects of the movie and TV industry – and it remains a renowned contact even through all media revolutions. Regardless of whether content is viewed at the movie theater, in the living room at prime time, or via video-on-demand services.

We are representing broadcasters, production houses, well-known personalities from film and TV, as well as industry-leading streaming services. We work in all phases of the business. We are accompanying legal reforms that lay the foundations for tomorrow's movie and TV industry. Film funds, private equity companies, and banks rely on our legal support for the financing of movie productions. Ongoing production support is a key part of our legal work. We are also advising when content goes around the world: by designing rental and licensing agreements for international distribution. And even after that, our legal advice may continue, for example, when issues of remuneration are disputed in bestseller trials.

Our 12 experts for Film & TV

Jens  Borchardt

Jens Borchardt


Dr. Christoph  Haesner

Dr. Christoph Haesner

Partner (Of Counsel)

Dr. Johann  Heyde

Dr. Johann Heyde


Norbert  Klingner

Norbert Klingner


Maximilian  König

Maximilian König


Maximilian  Moll de Alba

Maximilian Moll de Alba


Elisabeth  Noltenius

Elisabeth Noltenius


Dr. Andreas  Peschel-Mehner

Dr. Andreas Peschel-Mehner


Dr. Julia  Schafdecker

Dr. Julia Schafdecker


Dr. Christian Schepers


Prof. Dr. Mathias  Schwarz

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schwarz

Partner (Of Counsel)

Alexandra  Streichfuss

Alexandra Streichfuss