The EU Digital Decade

Overview of key legislative initiatives

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Navigate your company successfully through the Digital Decade.

The EU has declared the Digital Decade. It is a political programme until 2030 that aims to drive the digital transformation in Europe and includes numerous legislative initiatives. If you want to meet the challenges and opportunities of the Digital Decade, you need partners who understand the content and complexity of EU legislative initiatives and can advise you strategically and proactively every step of the way.

New regulations. New challenges.

The pace of digital transformation and the resulting legal framework is breathtakingly fast and constantly increasing. Keeping up and remaining competitive poses major challenges for companies. The EU's Digital Decade Initiative will bring with it numerous other new legislative initiatives that will have far-reaching effects on companies in all sectors. Dealing with these new laws can be both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses.

Lawyers who understand the digital landscape

SKW Schwarz is one of the leading law firms in Germany when it comes to digital transformation and innovative technologies and business models. With recognised specialists in a wide range of relevant legal areas, including IT & Digital Business, Intellectual Property (IP), Media & Entertainment, Corporate Law, Employment Law or Banking & Finance, we can always offer you the best possible legal advice. Moreover, we know that you can only give the best legal advice if you really understand the regulatory environment. That is why we are not only experts in legal matters, but also understand the business and technical aspects in topics such as artificial intelligence, e-commerce, IoT, cloud computing, Big Data, NFT and crypto markets or cyber security. For years, we have been advising companies of all sizes and industries on legal issues related to digital transformation. We are familiar with the legal issues, risks and opportunities associated with the new EU legal initiatives. Therefore, we can competently navigate you through the challenges and opportunities of the Digital Decade.

The road to the EU Digital Decade - Overview of key legislative initiatives

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