Public Procurement Law

Government procurement is subject to budgetary and procurement law. The underlying principle is that taxpayers' money should be used economically. It is an art to apply the formal rules in such a way that the procurement process has a good result. We understand the technical background and can thus advise contracting authorities and applicants/bidders in a targeted manner. Here it is important to deal with many individual aspects correctly and to recognize pitfalls early on in order to carry out the procurement project successfully.

Our procurement law experts support the public sector in carrying out complex procurement procedures. If required, we take over the entire procurement process as an outsourced procurement office. We also advise and represent applicants/bidders before and in tenders.


Our consulting services begin with the legally compliant and accurate conception of the procurement procedure, the development of a procurement strategy, and the preparation of the tender documents. In addition, we accompany negotiations in a competent and appreciative manner and provide support in responding to complaints and bidders' questions. If required, we also take over the documentation of the award procedure and assist in the evaluation of bids.

We also bring our many years of experience to bear on political and strategic decision-making processes. We use not only our legal expertise but also our comprehensive technical know-how to achieve the best possible result for our clients. We advise companies on the legally compliant preparation of application documents and, if necessary, accompany negotiation talks with the public authorities. In addition, we evaluate the award documents and support bidders in formulating bidder questions. Strategically, "preliminary work" is often important – long before tenders are invited.

We also represent clients and bidders in proceedings before the Public Procurement Chamber, the public procurement tribunals of the Higher Regional Courts and even the European Court of Justice, where we have already successfully conducted two proceedings. We are also active outside of public procurement law – e.g. with the exception of emergency ambulance services – before the administrative courts.
We provide cross-departmental advice and, if necessary, involve colleagues from other departments in the consultation process. This enables us to handle complex procurement projects from a single source.

Special expertise

  • Emergency ambulance services and disaster control
  • Health care sector
  • IT
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Planning and architectural services

"Three boxes"

We have developed the "three boxes" to structure procurements sensibly and economically. This structure helps contracting authorities and bidders to comply with procurement law requirements and to submit good bids. Together with contracting authorities and other consultants, we “fill” these boxes and thus create a good basis for an economical tender.

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Our 6 experts for Public Procurement Law

Dr. Karin  Deichmann

Dr. Karin Deichmann

Senior Associate

Dr. Klaus  Jankowski

Dr. Klaus Jankowski


René M.  Kieselmann

René M. Kieselmann


Dr. Mathias  Pajunk

Dr. Mathias Pajunk


Maria  Rothämel

Maria Rothämel

Senior Associate

Dr. Petra  Steinheber

Dr. Petra Steinheber