The economy and the state are linked to each other in many ways. The activities of the economy are shaped by state rules.

The state is also an economic participant as a client/customer, as a grantor and as a regulator. European law influences many of these areas.

In this respect, both governmental and non-governmental actors require advice on various topics. Public Sector at SKW Schwarz encompasses diverse areas of focus. We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas, among others.

Our 7 experts for Public Sector

Osman  Bilgiç

Osman Bilgiç

Senior Associate

Dr. Karin  Deichmann

Dr. Karin Deichmann

Senior Associate

Dr. Klaus  Jankowski

Dr. Klaus Jankowski


René M.  Kieselmann

René M. Kieselmann


Dr. Mathias  Pajunk

Dr. Mathias Pajunk


Maria  Rothämel

Maria Rothämel

Senior Associate

Dr. Petra  Steinheber

Dr. Petra Steinheber