Public planning and construction

The modern city is the living environment for the majority of the population in Germany as well as internationally. Mobility and urbanity are developed and managed through intelligent planning and sensible cooperation between the players. Cities and their development must be planned.

Our expertise around your building project:

  • Town planning and building regulations
  • Infrastructure
  • Renewable energies
  • Pollution control
  • Environmental protection and nature conservation
  • Monument protection

How can I convince the municipality of my building project? Is it possible to use a commercial property for residential purposes? Is it permissible to attach a photovoltaic system to a listed property? The approval issues surrounding real estate and urban development are more diverse than they appear at first glance. The value of a property is largely determined by what owners and tenants can realize on and in the property. Construction projects and the corresponding permit management must therefore be strategically planned and professionally implemented. Our experts advise you on issues relating to building regulations and construction planning, as well as in ancillary areas, with years of expertise throughout the entire process – from the conclusion of an urban development contract to the issuance of a building permit.

Our 6 experts for public planning and construction

Dr. Karin  Deichmann

Dr. Karin Deichmann

Senior Associate

Dr. Klaus  Jankowski

Dr. Klaus Jankowski


René M.  Kieselmann

René M. Kieselmann


Dr. Mathias  Pajunk

Dr. Mathias Pajunk


Maria  Rothämel

Maria Rothämel

Senior Associate

Dr. Petra  Steinheber

Dr. Petra Steinheber