Grants and Subsidies

Capital grants, guarantees or loans – the forms of granting state funds are manifold. The terms state aid and subsidies are often used synonymously without meaning the same thing. Different requirements are placed on the approval and use of state aid and subsidies, which must be observed.

State aid is a term used in EU law to describe all direct or indirect advantages granted by the state that may distort competition by favoring certain companies or production sectors and thereby affect trade between countries. Subsidies is a generic term for capital provided from the public sector budget to achieve specific political or economic objectives. State aid subsidies are two sides of the same coin.

Without subsidies and grants, many projects cannot be realized, or at least only to a very limited extent. This applies not only to innovative business fields, but to almost all areas of economic life – and not only in economically uncertain times. If state funds are not granted despite entitlement to subsidies, or if granted funds are subsequently reclaimed, this often presents companies with considerable problems that not infrequently threaten their economic existence. This situation can be prevented by qualified legal advice. We support companies in the usually complex issues in all phases – from the receipt of subsidies or grants, to the legally compliant economic use, to the defense against attacks by competitors. Our experts advise you so that you can use and retain subsidies comprehensively and in accordance with the rules.

Our 7 Experts for Grants and Subsidies

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Osman Bilgiç

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Dr. Karin Deichmann

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Maria Rothämel

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