Sustainable Urban Development

More than three quarters of the population in Germany lives in cities and densely populated areas, and the trend is increasing. As a result, cities and communities face a variety of challenges. Not only individual building projects, but entire urban districts must be developed in sustainable manners.

Climate change is undeniably real and is already being felt today. Problems with rainwater drainage after heavy rainfall and the increasing demand for renewable energy have been posing serious challenges to cities and municipalities, but also to property owners.

To approach these future tasks, it is important to consider the city and the municipality as a whole, as well as to continue to enable the planning and implementation of individual building projects. Decisions must always be viable for the future.

In this regard, experienced and competent legal advice is essential. Do you, as a landlord, need advice on how to draft your tenancy agreements in such a way that they do better justice to environmental aspects, or are you, as a community leader, planning to make your listed buildings fit for the future with photovoltaic systems? Varieties of possibilities do exist for this to be accomplished. In addition, the public procurement of goods and services, including sustainable value criteria, can also be of considerable relevance for cities and municipalities in order to meet the coming challenges. We advise and support you in all related matters.

Our expertise:

  • Sustainable procurement; design of innovative procurement procedures
  • Photovoltaics and wind energy in cities and municipalities
  • Drafting of tenancy agreement concepts under sustainability aspects
  • Water resources and nature conservation law
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)

Our 3 Experts for Sustainable Urban Development

Peer Niklas  Bolten

Peer Niklas Bolten


Dr. Karin  Deichmann

Dr. Karin Deichmann

Senior Associate

Maria  Rothämel

Maria Rothämel

Senior Associate