Internet and e-Business

Our work focuses on strategic advice for companies in the internet and e-commerce sectors. 

A core aspect is how they position themselves online towards users and competitors.

A distinction must be made between companies using the internet as a business model and those using the internet to develop existing business models. Additional issues arise from the fact that, nowadays, content is not only used in the movie theater, on DVD or on TV, but also online.

We have special expertise, for example, in online music licensing and in dealing with collecting societies (GEMA rights). In addition, we are specialists for partnership models of internet platforms (content channelizers, affiliate partnerships), for user-generated content (Web 2.0), and for drafting a platform’s terms of use.

We are particularly focusing on the operation of internet platforms with its partly complex contractual relationships between platform operators and providers as well as end users, including the appropriate regulatory issues.

Our 12 experts for Internet and E-Business

Jens  Borchardt

Jens Borchardt


Marius  Drabiniok

Marius Drabiniok


Dr. Thomas  Hohendorf

Dr. Thomas Hohendorf


Dr. Daniel  Kendziur

Dr. Daniel Kendziur


Dr. Christoph  Krück

Dr. Christoph Krück


Christina  Kufer

Christina Kufer

Senior Associate

Dr. Stefan  Peintinger

Dr. Stefan Peintinger


Dr. Andreas  Peschel-Mehner

Dr. Andreas Peschel-Mehner


Jan-Dierk  Schaal

Jan-Dierk Schaal


Dr. Julia  Schafdecker

Dr. Julia Schafdecker


Corinna  Schneiderbauer

Corinna Schneiderbauer


Ferdinand  Schwarz (geb. Wessels)

Ferdinand Schwarz (geb. Wessels)