Our personal enthusiasm combined with our outstanding legal expertise in digital business, technology, data protection, IP and M&A for tech start-ups makes us a genuine partner for the esport industry.

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A decisive element in SKW Schwarz's decades of success and market leadership in the media & entertainment sector is the enthusiasm of our protagonists for the cause. Esports is no exception: Mostly young colleagues who personally live and experience Esports and speak the language of the industry. This personal enthusiasm in combination with our legal focus and outstanding expertise in digital business, technology, data protection, IP and M&A for tech start-ups makes us a genuine partner for the Esports industry for all legal and business issues.

We advise our clients on the entire range of the Esports-Ecosystem.

The focus of our advice is on the legal issues related to the organisation and running of digital competitions, from large franchises to individual online tournaments, for (game) publishers, third-party organisers as well as the legal needs of teams and players. In a 360° approach, we provide support in particular in questions concerning comprehensive licensing of the Esport title, contractual arrangements of the competition and competition rules, involvement and commitment of teams and players, questions of youth protection and obtaining all official permits.

In addition, our activities also focus on advising on the successful exploitation and marketing of the digital competitions as a basic requirement for the success of Esport. No matter whether it is the licensing of media or data rights, the right strategy and safeguarding of advertising, product placement, merchandising or sponsoring partnerships or the integration of commercial betting providers, we are always happy to bring our expertise to bear - whether through experience of best practices from established sectors or innovative, new approaches to the special features of esports.

In addition, we are also constantly dealing with questions from the extended ecosystem, especially regarding digital platforms for consumers, gaming communities and affiliate programs, events and functions, meeting places such as "gaming halls", internet cafes and gaming rooms as well as - due to the enormous growth of the industry - M&A transactions.

For the challenges of this emerging sector, the joint establishment of (legal) industry standards in particular could further contribute to putting a stop to the still relatively frequent unlicensed second and third party exploitation of the value added and offer a thoroughly professionalised basis for the rapid growth.

Esports Level Up by SKW Schwarz

SKW Schwarz was organizing a major industry event for the first time in cooperation with Sport1 and the German eSport Federation (ESBD) in November 2019. All sector representatives and anyone interested in esport were cordially invited to attend.

Successful premiere for “Esport Level-Up” by SKW Schwarz, SPORT1 and ESBD: Over 200 guests discuss developments in esports.



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