Employment Law

Our experienced team of employment lawyers advises in traditional individual and collective employment law while also shaping the transition to Work 4.0 for large international corporations and businesses in the German SME sector. We are collaborating with our clients to develop tailor-made strategies based on in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industries including Automotive, Technology, Media, Services, and IT.

Clients benefit from our long-standing expertise and close cooperation with our law firm’s numerous other departments, particularly on  data protection and IP. Our restructuring experts also advise you on topics such as staff reduction and M&A related employment law aspects.

Our advisory range focuses in particular on:

  • Designing and terminating employment relationships
    • Drafting employment contracts and termination agreements
    • Part-time work/parental leave
    • Compensation and benefits
  • Works constitution law
    • Negotiating shop agreements
    • Negotiations with the works council
    • Support in disputes with the works council
  • Company pension schemes
  • Corporate co-determination law
  • Legal disputes
    • Termination disputes
    • Bonus disputes
    • Other labor court disputes
  • Restructuring and reorganization of companies
    • Reconciliation of interests
    • Social plan
    • Mass layoff
  • Transactions and M&A
    • Due diligence
    • Purchase agreements
    • TUPE
  • Collective bargaining law
    • Company agreements
    • Negotiating other collective bargaining agreements
  • Social security law
    • Status determination procedure
    • Employee posting/A 1 Certificate
    • Disability law/Integration management program