The regulatory framework for digital products and services is currently undergoing major changes.

We help companies to enable innovative business developments and to identify and strategically classify regulatory requirements and reforms at an early stage. In doing so, we always keep the minimization of entrepreneurial risks in mind and provide support in communication or in proceedings with German and European authorities.

Regulatory framework for digital products and services

Europe's Digital Decade has been proclaimed at EU level: The digital transformation of society and the economy is to follow the values of the EU. For companies, this means more regulatory requirements and interventions.

For some time now, regulatory projects in the areas of the Internet, online platforms, digital media and technology have been increasingly observed at the EU level and in Germany. In addition to the large and well-known online providers, however, also traditional industry and small and medium-sized enterprises are affected by the regulatory initiatives.

Retail/Classical E-Commerce

The "New Deal for Consumers" is intended to create new competition law regulations in the future on the one hand and to strengthen consumer rights in the purchase of digital products on the other hand. More on this topic →

Telemedia and online platforms

The main legal framework for offerings on the Internet and for online platforms is currently provided by the E-Commerce Directive. This cornerstone is being comprehensively reformed and will be replaced in the future by the Digital Service Act and the Digital Markets Act. Read more →

Another important new regulation in Germany is the comprehensive reform of platform regulation in the media industry through the new Media Interstate. In addition to traditional media such as broadcasting, the Media Interstate Treaty also increasingly addresses "gatekeepers," online platforms and new media such as search engines, voice assistants, app stores, video-sharing services, smart TVs and social media platforms. Read more →

The EU and Germany have also adopted comprehensive reforms to the protection of minors on the Internet, online gambling law, and copyright law, particularly with regard to the use of content on the Internet. The Network Enforcement Act, with its scope of application specifically tailored to social media, also poses challenges for social media platforms.

Through the "Platform-to-Business" Regulation, the EU has created rules for legal relationships between entrepreneurs and online platforms and search engines.

Messaging services

The Telecommunications Act has undergone another comprehensive reform, with the scope of application being significantly expanded: the law now also covers the transmission of content over the Internet without the involvement of an Internet service provider ("over-the-top"; OTT services).

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