Our Public Law and Regulatory department bundles the legal advice to tackle all issues that our clients may face.

In all its economic sectors, modern industrial society is more or less ‘regulated.’ It is subject to safety and administrative regulations, submits to being controlled by the state, and requires special permits for specific facilities or activities. Public procurement law stipulates the rules for the procurement of goods and services by public authorities. Our Public Law and Regulatory department bundles the legal advice to tackle all issues that our clients may face.

Our specialized lawyers negotiate with authorities on behalf of our clients, represent clients in administrative, appeal, and administrative court proceedings and advise on various construction and infrastructure projects. Whenever necessary we collaborate with colleagues from other SKW Schwarz departments to combine our competencies for the benefit of our clients.

Subsidies and state aid

Investments in research and development, modern industries, social projects, or innovative technologies are often unthinkable without subsidies. Whether this kind of public funding is compatible with European state aid law is a question that is raised more and more often. In addition, the granting or refusal of requested funds, invoicing on the basis of proof of use, and the occasional claim for the return of payments are part of our daily practice.

Projects. Development. Law.

From the idea sketched on the drawing board to the opening ceremony it is a long way to go. A project requires “development” in the basic sense of the word. Owning a piece of land does not suffice to be allowed to build on it. A development plan defines and structures the project. Contracts with the local council and with utilities safeguard that the “right to build” is procured in due time. Projects need communication, hard work and, of course, a lot of experience.

Public Safety. Public Order. Law.

Urban life means a certain degree of daily risks and conflicts. Numerous laws shall protect lives and health of citizens as well as valuable assets. Our clients are searching for a reasonable compromise between health & safety, environmental protection and construction economy. We collaborate with architects and engineers in defining such ideal compromises in discussions with authorities and regulatory bodies.

City. Development. Law

The modern city is the habitat for the predominant part of Germany’s population and the same is true in the international context. Mobility and urbanity are developed and driven by intelligent planning and a reasonable principle of co-existence. Cities and their development require planning. For this purpose the experience and competence of expert advisors, such as town planners, architects and lawyers is required. We belong to this team and collaborate with the other expert members hand in hand to develop, together with our clients, their part of urban life.

Environment. Infrastructure. Disposal.

In the modern industrial society, we consume energy, water, and raw materials. Contemporary and economical forms of supply and intelligent solutions for the efficient use of energy and recycling of secondary raw materials demand innovative ideas when it comes to legal issues as well. Therefore, we not only represent our clients in administrative proceedings but also advise on drafting and negotiating contracts with local authorities.

Public Procurement

Staying on top of public procurement law means staying in motion. This legal field has developed in extremely dynamic ways over the past few years, especially due to the European Court of Justice. What was true yesterday may already be obsolete today. Successful advice on procurement procedures requires speed, accuracy, and solid knowledge.

We have long-standing experience in the area of awarding public contracts. We know the interests and needs on both the client and bidder side very well. We make sure that the procurement requirement is clearly structured and appropriately prepared, in accordance with public procurement law.

Public construction and planning law

Here, the competencies of construction and real estate lawyers merge with our expertise in public law and regulatory issues.

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Our 6 experts for Public Law and Regulatory

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Dr. Karin Deichmann


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