As independent holders of a public office, notaries are appointed to authenticate and certify legal transactions and other tasks in the field of preventative justice.

Our notaries in our Berlin and Frankfurt offices assume all notary services as impartial advisors to the parties involved. Their consulting especially focuses on matters in the domains of corporate, real estate and inheritance law.

Since our law firm operates not only in Germany but also internationally, we draft and record agreements, contracts, and other documents in English and French as well.

Corporate Law

Our notary services in corporate law include the drafting of articles of incorporation as well as partnership agreements. We certify corporate acquisition contracts as well as general and shareholders’ meetings. We draft and offer legal support for company reorganization under corporate law (such as processes under the German Reorganization of Companies Act or cross-border mergers) and advise on other structural and capital measures under corporate law.

More information on our expertise in Corporate Law can be found here.

Real Estate Law

In terms of real estate, we especially cover the drafting, recording, and processing of real estate purchase agreements, including for major real estate portfolios. We also support our clients in legally securing financing. We accompany developers in the implementation of projects, draft and record all necessary agreements, such as division declarations for residential complexes, securing easements, and also agreements for the sale of condominiums.

More information on our expertise in Real Estate Law can be found here.

Inheritance Law

Where inheritance law is concerned, notaries usually take on an advisory role for the structuring of private assets and for successor issues, but also for issues relating to corporate succession. We draft wills and inheritance agreements in particular, generally in close coordination with the tax advisors of the parties involved, but we also draft gifting agreements as part of an anticipated inheritance.

More information on our expertise in Inheritance Law can be found here.

Our 5 Notaries

Dr. Oliver M.  Bühr

Dr. Oliver M. Bühr


Dr. Olaf  Kreißl

Dr. Olaf Kreißl


Stefan  Kridlo

Stefan Kridlo

Partner (Of Counsel)

Stefan  Skulesch

Stefan Skulesch


Martin  Stück

Martin Stück