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Dr. Oliver M. Bühr


Dr. Oliver M.  Bühr

Establishing an e-commerce platform on Bermuda, supported by an “individual case law” to create a data protection level comparable to the one in the EU.

Dr. Oliver M. Bühr has been advising on IT matters for many years. This includes software, hardware, projects, and outsourcing. He frequently supports his clients in all matters relating to data protection, especially in the implementation of the GDPR. He also has extensive experience in e-business and advises companies on designing their offerings on the internet. Innovative topics such as cloud computing or the advising of FinTechs are also a key part of his work. Many of the projects on which he advises have an international dimension, and he works closely with lawyers from foreign legal systems.

As a notary, he works particularly in the areas of property law, corporate law, and inheritance law.