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Nikolaus Bertermann


 Nikolaus  Bertermann

At the age of 15, I used a 300 baud acoustic coupler to connect to a mailbox in the USA. I had to use my pocket money of several months to receive a few lines of text from overseas. What remained was the fascination for the internet. It is a lot of fun to work in a legal field that is constantly changing.

Nikolaus Bertermann has been a lawyer for a Europe-wide leading internet service provider for ten years and can therefore rely on in-depth technical expertise, a sound knowledge of the IT industry, and many years of experience as a company lawyer.

He provides comprehensive advice on all forms of classic and agile software creation and IT project contracts, the use and adaptation of open source software, and cloud computing within and outside the EU.

Mr. Bertermann conducts data protection audits, advises companies on the legally compliant design of data processing procedures within and outside corporate structures, and accompanies clients in projects to implement the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. He commented on the central provisions of the GDPR for publishing house C.H.Beck.