Our commitment to more female empowerment in the digital industry

Our Digital Female initiative is specifically aimed at ambitious women in the digital industry. The Digital Female event series creates a space for sharing experiences and for networking. The initiative aims to promote the visibility of female role models in the digital industry and to inspire younger generations.

What does Digital Female mean?

Digital Female means “women support women.” As one of SKW Schwarz’s core sectors, social and actual developments in the digital industry are particularly important to us. Digital Female is our contribution to a future-oriented working world.

For women, digitalization offers enormous opportunities through a transformation that allows to eliminate gender imbalance by breaking down social structures in a digital industry that has frequently been one-sided to date. In addition to generally easing the burden of day-to-day work, opportunities and flexibility can also generate new working arrangements and promote gender equality, particularly in the digital industry itself.

Digital Female event series

The Digital Female event series specifically addresses ambitious women in the digital industry. Our platform aims to facilitate the networking of females to achieve professional and common objectives. In addition to the opportunity to network with exceptional women, the exchange of experiences and tips is designed to support women in their everyday work and to encourage them in pursuing their career opportunities.

SKW Schwarz held an event on “Assertion and negotiation strategies of successful women in the IT and digital sector” in Berlin on September 12, 2019, and an event entitled “The way to the top – how do women in the digital industry get into management positions?” in Munich on March 05, 2020.

Show aftermovie

On May 11, 2021, SKW Schwarz hosted an online luncheon session that examined the topic of “Women as shapers of digitalization” from the perspectives of high-profile panelists from the politics, business, and press sectors.

Judith Gerlach, Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs, Sonja Álvarez, Deputy Head of the Berlin Bureau of WirtschaftsWoche, and Janina Mütze, Founder and CEO of Civey, shared their experiences and discussed current developments with SKW Schwarz lawyers Hannah Mugler and Joana Christin Seidel. A recording of the entire conversation is available to watch on our website.

To the recording of the conversation (in German)

Our 7 experts for Digital Female

Dr. Elisabeth von Finckenstein

Dr. Elisabeth von Finckenstein

Senior Associate

Helena  Kasper

Helena Kasper


Hannah  Mugler

Hannah Mugler


Elisabeth  Noltenius

Elisabeth Noltenius


Sandra Sophia  Redeker

Sandra Sophia Redeker


Luzia  Rippl

Luzia Rippl

Corinna  Schneiderbauer

Corinna Schneiderbauer