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Module Five - Esports & Gaming

“Sports Law Academy” session with Moritz Mehner.

Event Date

Wednesday, March 10 von 5:00 to 6:15 pm.


Module Five - Esports & Gaming


During this live event, we will be joined by Andrew Cooke who is General Counsel of global esports powerhouse, Fnatic. Andrew will be analysing the legal challenges and the rise in disputes in the esports sector. He will also be discussing the opportunities that esports and gaming
more widely has to offer.

German esports lawyer, Moritz Mehner, will also be delivering a section on some key trends, opportunities and common legal issues seen by businesses and individuals operating in the space on the continent.

Finally, before wrapping up with a Q&A with our panel, brands expert, Stuart Lester, will present on the use of third party trade marks in video games.

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Who to expect

Moritz Mehner
SKW Schwarz

Moritz Mehner


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