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Jan M. Antholz, MBA


 Jan M.  Antholz

Insolvency law epitomizes the connections between law and business in pithy ways. To advise clients, it is vital to have theoretical knowledge and practical experience. In both fields. By itself, law would have been too boring for me.

Since his education, Mr. Antholz focussed on insolvency law. He advises company and credit institutions, especially in times of crisis. He has special expertise in contesting insolvencies. Germany-wide, he defends clients against unauthorized claims of insolvency administrators. His business qualification enables him to professionally support reorganization procedures and to draft expert opinions. As a lecturer, he provides training on insolvency topics to companies and authorities. Since 2005, Mr. Antholz has been appointed insolvency administrator by courts in northern Germany in more than 120 insolvency proceedings. He has successfully managed numerous restructuring procedures.