Antitrust and Merger Control

Merging companies involves delicate growth processes. Authorities and competitors become increasingly aware that antitrust violations create the space to attack.

Informed legal advice, therefore, must be part of a company’s strategic orientation.

SKW Schwarz offers precisely that. It is the satisfaction of our clients that measures our service. We are especially renowned for representing matters to do with media, IT and software, e-commerce, publishing, and information services. Overall, however, our clients operate in  sectors as various as energy, climate technology, and consumer goods.

Our core capacity is antitrust advice. We monitor whether corporate mergers could potentially face allegations of restricting, distorting, or preventing competition. We assist  companies’ daily business, as we conduct antitrust analysis of merger plans and corporate cooperations.  

Among the specific activities that can pose antitrust issues are developing a distribution network, expanding market positions, and intensifying business contacts. If relevant risks are not properly assessed, considerable fines and compensation can be claimed. Our legal counsel avoids that.  

However, our service is not limited to preventing antitrust issues. We are equally dedicated to representing our clients’ interests in fine, administrative, appeal, and private proceedings before cartel authorities and courts, in Germany as well as at European Union level.

Our 2 experts for Antitrust and Merger Control

Eva  Bonacker

Eva Bonacker


Dr. Sebastian Graf von Wallwitz

Dr. Sebastian Graf von Wallwitz