Video „How to deliver value through creativity“


Videomitschnitt des virtuellen Panels beim Filmteractive 2020 Kongress mit Margret Knitter.

How to deliver value through creativity | BCMA disscusion panel | Filmteractive 2020

Since 2011, Filmteractive Festival has been an interdisciplinary, international event on the border of culture, technology and business. The aim of the event is to stimulate cooperation between different environments and industries. This is where the creators of innovative projects present their works. This is where businessmen meet the latest technological solutions combined with artistic projects. And finally, this is where all participants exchange professional experiences and make new contacts. It’s all about inspiration, education and networking! This year the event focuses on digital transformation of creative industries.

During Filmteractive 2020 the BCMA members have discussed the topic of delivering value through creativity. Panelists: Margret Knitter (SKW) - BCMA DACH, Spero Patricios (Launch Factory) - BCMA South Africa, Roger Casas-Alatriste (VP International Relations) - BCMA Spain, Julie Dardour (Vice President) - BCMA France. The discussion was moderated by Andrew Canter - BCMA Global CEO.

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