Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hildebrandt



Personal statement

Trademark law is particularly fun when an international dimension is involved, such as when one party is entitled to better rights in one country, and the other party in the other country.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hildebrandt focuses on trademark law. He advises and represents companies from the creation of brands to the enforcement of trademarks and has longstanding experience in the strategic development and management of trademark portfolios. He also advises and represents companies in matters pertaining to unfair competition law and copyright law. After graduating in music, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hildebrandt studied law at Freie Universität Berlin. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hildebrandt is the author of the handbook “Marken und andere Kennzeichen” [“Trademarks and other signs”] (Carl Heymanns Press), published in its 5th edition 2019, and of the compendium “Trademark Law in Europe”, Kluwer Law International, 3rd edition 2016.