Dr. Ilja Czernik
Certified Expert in IP
Certified Expert in Copyright and Media Law
Personal statement
I love complicated cases that redefine the limits of what is legally covered. I simply enjoy shaping the jurisprudence on such issues.

Ilja Czernik comprehensively supports companies in establishing licensing and distribution systems, particularly in digital business models.

He has long-standing experience in litigation before regional and higher regional courts in disputes under trademark/design law and copyright law (IP litigation).

Ilja Czernik also focuses on advising in advertising law. This includes his expertise in providing solutions on trans-media and cross-media marketing and content marketing issues.

With his expertise in publishing law, he combines advantages from his advice to companies in reputation management with his knowledge in the advice to media companies.

Finally, Ilja Czernik also advises on all matters of art law. He advises collectors, museums, and artists, for example in cultural heritage law and the law of collecting societies.

Ilja Czernik has special experience in the textile, sports, consumer goods, and food sectors, as well as in the IP support of media productions, especially around questions relating to merchandising.



Intellectual Property Unfair Competition / Advertising / Consumer Protection Copyright Law Media & Entertainment IT & Digital Business Trade and Logistics

Other activities  

Member of

  • Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft / Committee Member Literature
  • Max-Liebermann-Gesellschaft
  • GRUR Deutsche Vereinigung für gewerblichen Rechtschutz und Urheberrecht e.V.
  • AJA International Association of Young Lawyers

Awards / Recommendations

JUVE Handbook: German Commercial Law Firms 2019/2020

Frequently recommended lawyer in the category “Trademark and Design Law / Competition Law”

Competitor about him: “competent and engaging”

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