Dr. Alexander Schmid-Lossberg
Why did you specialize in this field?
I consider it a particularly stimulating challenge to develop practical solutions in the conflict that arises between the rapid changes in our working environment caused by digitization and the slowly changing or static legal framework. In negotiations, I am asserting the client’s interests while striving to achieve an acceptable and sustainable result for all parties in the end, wherever possible.

Dr. Alexander Schmid-Lossberg specializes in collective labor law. He has particular experience in negotiating collective agreements and works agreements.

Dr. Schmid-Lossberg also focuses on issues of digitization in the working world.

After many years in leading positions in the business world, the employment law expert with long-standing corporate experience applies his expertise from international HR and the media, health, and logistics sectors at SKW Schwarz.



Employment Law Trade and Logistics Media & Entertainment Life Sciences & Healthcare

Other activities  

Lecturer at Berlin School of Economics and Law

Chairman of the Board of Hamburg Media School Foundation

Member of the Board of Trustees of Berlin Humanities Centers

Member of the Board of Trustees of the International School of Management (ISM)