Tabea Frühinsfeld
Certified Expert for Employment Law
Why do you work at SKW Schwarz?
In addition to the diversified area of responsibility, which entails new challenges every day, I particularly value the teamwork across departments and the good working atmosphere.
Tabea Frühinsfeld advises and represents her clients in all questions of individual and collective employment law, as well as questions pertaining to employment contracts. She has special expertise on the transfer of businesses, as well as the drafting of contracts and clause control for domestic and foreign clients. She establishes guidelines and variable remuneration systems. In addition to the classic building protection disputes, she advises clients on the delimitation of employees from freelancers and performs status-finding procedures.

In collective labor law, Tabea Frühinsfeld advises companies comprehensively on works constitution law and collective bargaining issues, including in the public sector.



Employment Law

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  • Berlin Bar Association

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