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It is official: Germany is legalizing Cannabis!

The newly formed coalition of Social Democrats (SPD), Green and Free Democrats (FDP) have agreed to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes.

Thereto, free distribution to adults is to take place in licensed establishments.

The purposes pursued with the release range from the protection of minors through control, health protection through quality controls and addiction prevention, to fighting crime by drying up the black market, and to considerable predicted tax revenues.

Little is yet known about the specific implementation. It can be assumed that after the decriminalization of cannabis, guidelines, education and training for owners and staff, as well as the regulation of distribution channels will have to be additionally specified so that quality standards can be guaranteed. The legal requirements for operating a licensed establishment will also be high, not at least to ensure the safety of the goods.

The long-awaited experiment is now to begin. For a successful implementation, there is much need for legal advice to enable the business model to succeed in the long term.  


Margret Knitter

Margret Knitter


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