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Handelsblatt "Germany's Best Lawyers 2024"

The new edition of the "Germany's Best Lawyers 2024" rating was published today by Handelsblatt in cooperation with the US publisher Best Lawyers:

The title "Lawyer of the Year for Data Protection Law" goes to Franziska Ladiges. "Lawyer of the Year for Media and Copyright Law" is Prof. Dr. Mathias Schwarz.

In the "Ones to watch" category, Lara Guyot, Dr. Thomas Hohendorf and Dr. Christoph Wiegand were named in the "Intellectual Property Law" category, Hannah Mugler in the "Data Protection Law" and "IT Law" categories and Dr. Karin Deichmann and Maria Rothämel in the "Public Commercial Law" category.

62 lawyers from the firm are also recommended in 20 areas of law:

  •     Frank van Alen (corporate law)
  •     Dr. Dorothee Altenburg (media and entertainment, intellectual property law)
  •     Jan M. Antholz (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  •     Nikolaus Bertermann (data protection law, IT law)
  •     Eva Bonacker (Corporate Law)
  •     Jens Borchardt (IT law)
  •     Dr. Markus Brock (Intellectual Property Law)
  •     Bettina-Axenia Bugus-Fahrenhorst (Labor Law)
  •     Dr. Oliver M. Bühr (Intellectual Property Law, Technology Law)
  •     Dr. Karin Deichmann (Public Commercial Law)
  •     Dr. Sebastian Graf von Wallwitz (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  •     Lara Guyot (Intellectual Property Law)
  •     Dr. Christoph Haesner (Media and Copyright Law)
  •     Dr. Philipp C. Hartmann (transportation law)
  •     Dr. Thomas Hausbeck (Tax Law)
  •     Dr. Johann Heyde (Advertising Law)
  •     Dr. Magnus Hirsch (Intellectual Property Law)
  •     Dr. Thomas Hohendorf (Intellectual Property Law)
  •     Dr. Oliver Hornung (Data Protection Law, IT Law)
  •     Dr. Klaus Jankowski (construction law)
  •     Dr. Bernd Joch (employment law)
  •     Dr. Wulf Kamlah (IT law)
  •     René Kieselmann (Public Private Partnership)
  •     Norbert Klingner (media and copyright law, restructuring and insolvency law)
  •     Margret Knitter (art law, intellectual property law)
  •     Dr. Olaf Kreißl (Real Estate Law)
  •     Franziska Ladiges (data protection law)
  •     Christine Lingenfelser (construction law)
  •     Moritz Mehner (data protection law, IT law)
  •     Dr. Daniel Meßmer (data protection law, IT law)
  •     Dr. Stephan Morsch (corporate law, mergers and acquisitions)
  •     Hannah Mugler (data protection law, IT law)
  •     Stephan Neubauer (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  •     Dr. Rembert Niebel (intellectual property law)
  •     Dr. Matthias Nordmann (IT law)
  •     Dr. Matthias Orthwein (data protection law, IT law)
  •     Dr. Mathias Pajunk (Public Private Partnership)
  •     Dr. Stefan Peintinger (data protection law, IT law)
  •     Dr. Andreas Peschel-Mehner (data protection law, media and entertainment, IT law, media and copyright law)
  •     Dr. Kolja Petrovicki (mergers and acquisitions)
  •     Jan Prielipp (real estate law)
  •     Sandra Sophia Redeker (Intellectual Property Law)
  •     Maria Rothämel (Public Commercial Law)
  •     Jan-Dierk Schaal (data protection law, IT law)
  •     Dr. Johannes Schäufele (Data Protection Law)
  •     Stefan C. Schicker (Intellectual Property Law, IT Law)
  •     Corinna Schneiderbauer (IT law)
  •     Dr. Tatjana Schroeder (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  •     Prof. Dr. Mathias Schwarz (Media and Entertainment, Media and Copyright Law)
  •     Martin Schweinoch (IT law)
  •     Stefan Skulesch (tax law)
  •     Benjamin Spies (data protection law)
  •     Dr. Oliver Stöckel (advertising law, health law, intellectual property law, conflict resolution)
  •     Markus von Fuchs (intellectual property law)
  •     Michael Wahl (labor law)
  •     Georg Wallraf (media and copyright law)
  •     Dr. Konstantin Wegner (Media and Copyright Law)
  •     Johanna Weiß (media and copyright law)
  •     Julian Westpfahl (IT law)
  •     Dr. Niels Witt (transport law)
  •     Heiko Wunderlich (tax law)
  •     Christoph Wiegand (intellectual property law)

The recommendation list is compiled annually by the US specialist publisher Best Lawyers; in Germany it is published in an exclusive cooperation with the Handelsblatt. The "Best Lawyers" list is based on a peer-to-peer survey in which commercial lawyers are asked which competitors they recommend.