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Facebook introduces Branded Content tool and tightens policies

Facebook now offers Verified Pages the option of officially embedding branded content into the page. For this purpose, a branded content tool was developed, which the website operator must use to tag the advertised brand or product. The marketer can now share or advertise the post on its site as well and obtain information and reach and engagement for the post. In addition to the obligation to mark branded content in the form of tagging, some forms of integration are not permitted: 

The following types of branded content integrations are prohibited:

Within Videos

1.    pre, mid, or post roll ads,
2.    Content that features third party products, brands, or sponsors located at the beginning (within first three seconds) or persistently (over five seconds) throughout the video, including but not limited to the following types of branded content:

a.   Title cards featuring the sponsor; or
b.   Graphical overlay and watermarks.

Within photos (including link preview images)
As banner ads featuring third party products, brands, or sponsors.

The following types of branded content integrations are allowed with the use of the Branded Content tool: 

1.    Promotions (complying with section III. E. of the Pages Terms);
2.    Videos or photos featuring third party products, brands, or sponsors that differ from the Page;
3.    End cards;
4.    Product placement;
5.    Sponsor’s logos (Aside from ad elements and from any third-party logos which are displayed within video by virtue of having been recorded during the filming of the video subject matter (e.g., in stadium signage); or
6.    Posts that clearly disclose the content is sponsored or provided by a third party.
In addition to the Facebook Branded Content Policies, all posts must also comply with the Facebook Ads Policy. Branded Content posts, like other advertising posts, may be rejected, approved or removed by Facebook.

Prior to the introduction of the new policies, branded content on Facebook used to be measured by the general ads policies and was regularly impermissible. With Facebook’s opening for branded content, it must be expected, however, that now even more rigorous action will be taken against unverified pages, if such pages violate the ads policies. Such a violation can lead to sponsored posts not being released or even the entire page being blocked. Facebook’s announcement that in the coming weeks stepped up action will be taken against violations of the policies, may therefore not be an empty threat.


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