17 SKW Schwarz legal advisors among “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2018”


Handelsblatt magazine published the tenth edition of US publisher’s “Best Lawyers” rating this year. In a peer-to-peer survey, Best Lawyers identified Germany’s most renowned legal professionals exclusively for Handelsblatt. The survey asked legal professionals which competitors they would recommend if they themselves were unable to represent a Client.

17 SKW Schwarz lawyers who are recommended in ten different fields of law are ranked among “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2018.”

The “2018 Lawyers of the Year” category that awards legal advisers with particularly outstanding reputation features Prof. Dr. Mathias Schwarz for Media and Copyright Law and Dr. Martin Diesbach for Media and Entertainment at the top of the ranking.

The following SKW Schwarz legal advisors were recognized as “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2018”:

  • Dr. Oliver M. Bühr: Intellectual Property
  • Dr. Martin Diesbach (also “Lawyer of the Year”): Media and Entertainment, Media and Copyright Law
  • Dr. Philipp Heigl: Intellectual Property
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hildebrandt: Intellectual Property
  • Dr. Magnus Hirsch: Intellectual Property
  • Dr. Klaus Jankowski: Construction Law
  • Norbert Klingner: Media and Copyright Law
  • Oliver Korte: Litigation
  • Dr. Stephan Morsch: Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Dr. Matthias Nordmann: IT Law
  • Dr. Matthias Orthwein: IT Law
  • Dr. Andreas Peschel-Mehner: Media and Entertainment, Media and Copyright Law, IT Law
  • Sandra Sophia Redeker: Intellectual Property
  • Stefan C. Schicker: Intellectual Property, IT Law
  • Prof. Dr. Mathias Schwarz (also “Lawyer of the Year”): Media and Entertainment, Media and Copyright Law
  • Dr. Konstantin Wegner: Media and Copyright Law, Sports Law
  • Dr. Volker Wodianka: Data Protection and Privacy Law

For additional information visit the Handelsblatt website at https://www.handelsblatt.com/unternehmen/dienstleister/best-lawyers-2018/ or the Best Lawyers website at https://www.bestlawyers.com/current-edition/Germany


Oliver M. Bühr
Martin Diesbach
Philipp Heigl
Ulrich Hildebrandt
Magnus Hirsch
Klaus Jankowski
Norbert Klingner
Oliver Korte
Stephan Morsch
Matthias Nordmann
Matthias Orthwein
Andreas Peschel-Mehner
Sandra Sophia Redeker
Stefan Schicker
Mathias Schwarz
Konstantin Wegner
Volker Wodianka