Your career with us

SKW Schwarz is a nationally and internationally operating business law firm. One of the features of our firm is the comparatively young age of our partners. Perhaps the most important thing for new colleagues is the large scope of freedom we are offering for professional development.

Career paths

We do not work in large, fixed teams, but rather in small units. At our firm, you are clearly assigned to one or two partners, but are always working for other partners as well. This gives you the opportunity to gain a broad range of experience and knowledge before you decide to specialize in a certain field of law. In addition, we do not want to train “file clerks” to clarify the detailed legal questions in the background. Our associates come into contact with clients as soon as possible. That helps us – and above all you – to progress.

  • Stage 1: Trainees or associates
    Graduates join the firm as trainees or associates.
  • 2nd stage: Senior Associate
  • 3rd stage: Partner or Counsel
    Appointment as partner is foreseen after six to eight years.
    From the sixth year onwards (alternatively or transitionally), appointment as counsel may follow.

Working atmosphere

The working atmosphere at SKW Schwarz is consistently rated positively by our lawyers. We are pleased about that. But we are really proud that independent third parties such as azur or trendence also distinguish us as a top employer year after year.

We are an entrepreneurial law firm and are looking for personalities at all levels with a thirst for action, high standards for themselves, initiative and pleasure in providing legal advice and taking on responsibility.

We work together in small teams in which younger associates also take on important tasks. You will have direct client contact right from the start and will not just be a legal back office,
We attach great importance to your training, in particular to the promotion of your professional and entrepreneurial skills in regular internal and external training courses as well as in the personal accompaniment of your career path by experienced mentors and "buddies",
You will be an externally visible part of marketing and acquisition from the very beginning, with real opportunities for advancement in which we will actively support you,
At SKW Schwarz, there are regular joint lunches and team-building events, both on-site and off-site.
Interdisciplinary cooperation on mandates is part of our daily routine, not only in our task forces for cutting-edge innovation topics such as Industry 4.0, augmented reality, esports, corporate venture capital and influencer marketing.

Entry opportunities

At SKW Schwarz, you can already gain experience as a trainee or research assistant during your studies, legal traineeship or doctorate.

Career changes are possible at any time as an associate, senior associate, counsel or partner with the appropriate qualifications.

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Working time models

Even without a pandemic, we offer flexible working time models and mobile working options. With us you will find "the best of both worlds": professional work like in a large law firm and at the same time freedom for personal development.

Ways to partnership

Even if you want to become a partner, our entrepreneurial environment suits you. Your ally is your ability, not time - you do not have to wait until some partners fall out of the pyramid. To become a partner with us, a lawyer must fit in as a personality, be professionally excellent and have a clear advisory profile. He or she must either already have business or present a convincing business plan that holds out the prospect of it. Then: Welcome as a new partner at SKW Schwarz. In recent years, the partnership has steadily grown each year with the addition of young partners from our own ranks.