What you will learn from us

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American philosopher and author. We can see the truth in that and that's why, in addition to their specialist training, we train our lawyers in legal “soft skills” and personal skills such as advancing English language skills to suit the profession of a business lawyer.

Specialized professional training

Specialized professional training “on the job“ is performed in the specialist areas and practice groups. You will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge every day. In this task, we rely on suggestions from the practice groups and on our lawyers’ own initiative. You can choose the topics for further training and training events on a strictly individual basis – you will know best what helps you to progress. Or you can suggest training measures to us. Everything that expands your personal competence or extends the relevant practice group can be incorporated into our training program.

Legal soft skills – the SKW Schwarz Campus

Two lawyers. Both have excellent legal knowledge. One is very good. The other is very good and successful, because he applies soft skills, which help him to use his specialist knowledge in an optimum manner and move into the limelight.

With us, you can further develop and improve your soft skills. In cooperation with Bucerius Law School, one of the leading institutions in Germany (see here for details), we are offering our lawyers the following seminars, including:

Presentation skills

  • Negotiation techniques
  • Self-marketing for lawyers
  • Self-organization / Work-life balance
  • Pitch and pricing
  • Networking and acquisition

The feedback from seminar participants is outstanding. Content is constantly being developed further and we expect that all of our lawyers will go through the entire program once during their careers.

Mentor system

We place great value on trust and communication. For this reason, team members are all assigned a mentor, a partner with whom to discuss their situation openly and honestly. For example, they may want to talk about career planning, or internal procedures at the firm, or anything else that concerns them. You will meet with your mentors on a regular basis to discuss your wishes and issues, and the mentors will return the trust you place in them.

Specialist lawyer

Do you want to acquire a specialist lawyer title or equivalent qualification? Excellent, because it coincides with our interests. That’s why we will support you energetically in achieving this objective.

Foreign language training

Sound general knowledge of English is indispensable in our law firm – but it is not enough when it comes to providing in-depth economic legal advice. That is why we offer our lawyers special “legal English” classes that focus specifically on this topic.


Expanding your horizons is always a good thing. Because, after all, it helps you, and therefore also the firm, to progress. That’s why, if you are interested and the right person for the position, we offer you the option of a secondment – either at a company or at one of our best friend firms overseas.