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Your career with us

SKW Schwarz is a nationally and internationally operating business law firm. One of the features of our firm is the comparatively young age of our partners. Perhaps the most important thing for new colleagues is the large scope of freedom we are offering for professional development.

This becomes clear as soon as you become a team member. We do not work in large, fixed teams, but rather in small units. At our firm, you are clearly assigned to one or two partners, but are always working for other partners as well. This gives you the opportunity to gain a broad range of experience and knowledge before you decide to specialize in a certain field of law. In addition, we do not want to train “file clerks” to clarify the detailed legal questions in the background. Our associates come into contact with clients as soon as possible. That helps us – and above all you – to progress.

SKW Schwarz also has a strongly entrepreneurial attitude. This is something we also look for in our lawyers, and which the lawyers in turn can take advantage of themselves.

Also, if you wish to become a partner, our entrepreneurial environment can help. Your ability, not time, is what is important – you will not have to wait until some other partners leave the firm. To become a partner with us, your personality needs to fit in, you must excel professionally, and you need a clear advisory profile. You need to have your own clients already or be able to submit a convincing business plan that holds out the prospect of business. Then: Welcome as a new partner at SKW Schwarz.

In addition: our structures make it possible to combine work and family life. If an employee needs to cut working hours for a certain period of time, our internal processes can make up for the required differences. And, of course, at our firm there is always also the option of working from a “home office” under special circumstances. We enjoy our work, but we are aware that we all have a life outside of work.

Your possible career path at SKW Schwarz:

What we expect from you

Let’s start with the basics: you should have excellent legal knowledge, which should ideally be proven by means of honors degrees. We are pleased to see a doctorate or comparable additional qualification. Good English skills are mandatory, knowledge of other foreign languages is welcome.

Having said all that, we can get a bit more specific: our clients value us for our proven legal competence, our in-depth industry knowledge, and our solution-based professional work. We will also be applying these requirements to you.

Now we get to the key points: because we advise businesses and business people, you should have a special interest in and understanding of economic circumstances – you will then gain experience and industry expertise during your daily work. No specialist knowledge in a certain legal field is required, but of course, we are pleased if you have it. And you should think entrepreneurially – no, you must think entrepreneurially. Please consider this point honestly, because it is something that we are really implementing. So, if you have initiative, motivation, and the will to build something for yourself, then we should definitely get to know each other.

What you will learn from us

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American philosopher and author. We can see the truth in that and that's why, in addition to their specialist training, we train our lawyers in legal “soft skills” and personal skills such as advancing English language skills to suit the profession of a business lawyer.

Specialized professional training
Specialized professional training “on the job“ is performed in the specialist areas and practice groups. You will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge every day. In this task, we rely on suggestions from the practice groups and on our lawyers’ own initiative. You can choose the topics for further training and training events on a strictly individual basis – you will know best what helps you to progress. Or you can suggest training measures to us. Everything that expands your personal competence or extends the relevant practice group can be incorporated into our training program.

Specialist lawyer
Do you want to acquire a specialist lawyer title or equivalent qualification? Excellent, because it coincides with our interests. That’s why we will support you energetically in achieving this objective.

Legal soft skills – the SKW Schwarz Campus
Two lawyers. Both have excellent legal knowledge. One is very good. The other is very good and successful, because he applies soft skills, which help him to use his specialist knowledge in an optimum manner and move into the limelight.

With us, you can further develop and improve your soft skills. In cooperation with Bucerius Law School, one of the leading institutions in Germany (see here for details), we are offering our lawyers the following seminars, including:

  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Self-marketing for lawyers
  • Self-organization / Work-life balance
  • Pitch and pricing
  • Networking and acquisition

The feedback from seminar participants is outstanding. Content is constantly being developed further and we expect that all of our lawyers will go through the entire program once during their careers.

Foreign language training
Sound general knowledge of English is indispensable in our law firm – but it is not enough when it comes to providing in-depth economic legal advice. That is why we offer our lawyers special “legal English” classes that focus specifically on this topic.

Mentor system
We place great value on trust and communication. For this reason, team members are all assigned a mentor, a partner with whom to discuss their situation openly and honestly. For example, they may want to talk about career planning, or internal procedures at the firm, or anything else that concerns them. You will meet with your mentors on a regular basis to discuss your wishes and issues, and the mentors will return the trust you place in them.

Expanding your horizons is always a good thing. Because, after all, it helps you, and therefore also the firm, to progress. That’s why, if you are interested and the right person for the position, we offer you the option of a secondment – either at a company or at one of our best friend firms overseas.

How to apply

Send us your application to You can also write directly to the relevant office:

Dr. Martin Römermann
Kranzler Eck
Kurfürstendamm 21
10719 Berlin
T +49 30 889 26 50 - 55

Andreas Seidel
Steinstraße 1 / Kö
40212 Düsseldorf
T +49 211 82 89 59 - 0

Frankfurt / Main
Dr. Magnus Hirsch
Mörfelder Landstraße 117
60598 Frankfurt a. M.
T +49 69 63 00 01 - 46

Frank van Alen
Ferdinandstraße 3
20095 Hamburg
T +49 40 334 01 - 41

Dr. Matthias Nordmann M.A.
Wittelsbacherplatz 1
80333 München
T +49 89 286 40 - 149

Some tips for your application
You can send us your application documents by postal mail. You can also apply by email. The best way to send digital documents is in PDF format.

Your cover letter is very important to us. What particularly interests us is why the position that you are applying for is of interest to you, and of course why you are suitable for that position. If you can also provide proof of this based on several positions from your resume, that would be even better.

Your resume should be short and concise and should not exceed two pages. Ideally, your most recent activity should be shown first.

Irrespective of whether you are applying by postal mail or by email: please attach your most important references and certificates. If you are sending scans by email, please note that the maximum file size should be 10 MB.

What happens next?
Firstly, we consider all applications very carefully. Then we invite the candidates who seem most suitable to us to an initial interview. During this interview, you will not only meet the partners from the specialist area that you have applied for, but also all partners from our Recruiting Department.

If we are able to win you over – and vice versa –, we will make an appointment for a second interview. Then we have a more in-depth conversation and talk in concrete terms about joining the firm. Sometimes other associates will participate in the meeting as well.

Communication about the application is generally handled by our Recruiting Department.

What process does an interview follow?
An interview for us is a dialogue, not an interrogation! We are trying to get to know you better. In general, we ask you to take us through your resume and explain why you have applied at our firm and why you are interested in the particular position. We want to understand where your strengths are, what motivates you, what is fun for you, and what your objectives are. Of course, the interview is also an opportunity for you to find out more about us, the department, the partners and lawyers with whom you would be working. For that reason, we are very happy to answer your questions. We will then make a quick and simple decision.