As a firm for which professional legal advice is paramount we do not leave the training of our lawyers to chance. Training falls into different categories: specialized legal training, training on general "soft skills" and personal competence and Legal English courses.

Specialized legal training (years 1-5)

Specialized legal training takes place on the job, in the departments and practice groups. We rely on suggestions from the practice groups and the own initiative of our lawyers, who should identify training issues and events in order to improve their own competence and that of the practice group.

General training (years 1-3)

While specialized legal knowledge is the basis of our work, good advisers need other skills as well, however, their "soft skills". The following subjects are presented regularly during any given year:

> Presentation techniques
> Service quality and profitability
> Networking and new business
> Negotiation techniques
> Self organization/Work-life balance

Training on these issues will be held in one-and-a-half day seminars outside the firm and be provided by external trainers and firm partners.

Language courses

Our associates may take part in regular Legal English lessons if they want to do so.

Specialization in certain branches of law and secondment

n addition to the above training modules, lawyers may obtain a specialization ("Fachanwalt") or similar qualification during or after the fourth year of their employment at SKW Schwarz.

From year 5, they may enter into an optional secondment to a company or a correspondent law firm abroad.


As an associate you will have a mentor, i.e. a partner who will act as a confidant and talk to you on a personal basis. You will be able to discuss your career plans with your mentor. You will get information and assistance on internal procedures and you can ask all those mundane questions that regularly pop up for young lawyers. You and your mentor will meet regularly for coffee or anything else and he or she will always have an open ear for what you need.

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