Of course we will give you some "hard facts" on our firm. But what else is special about SKW Schwarz's corporate culture? Two of our lawyers give the answer.

"At SKW Schwarz we have the best of both worlds. We work at the highest professional level and nevertheless enjoy the liberties and personal freedom of an entrepreneurial, mid-sized law firm." Dr. Matthias Nordmann M.A.

"All of us spend most of our waking time here. And there is a silent consensus to do so as enjoyably and constructively as possible." Martin Schweinoch

What we are looking for

For our clients we at SKW Schwarz embody legal competence, broad sector knowledge and a solution-oriented and professional way of working. This goes without saying. At the same time our professional approach is the benchmark for all our staff, as evidenced in their daily work.

Sound legal knowledge is a basic prerequisite for legal advice, but it does not guarantee success in itself. Practical experience and specific sector knowledge are necessary as well in order to resolve problems efficiently and effectively.

Considering this, you will not be surprised to learn that – to put it simply – we are looking for those of our peers that all other law firms want to employ as well. You should have excellent legal knowledge and ideally have passed your examinations with very good marks ("Prädikatsexamen"). A doctorate or comparable additional qualification is a plus. Good working knowledge of English is a must.

Anyone who wants to advise companies and entrepreneurs will need to be interested in and understand economic relationships. This is something we require; you will gain experience and sector knowledge in your everyday work. While specialist knowledge in any branch of law is not a necessity, we are certainly glad if you have it.

In addition to these formal criteria, there is one key characteristic you should have. You should have an "entrepreneurial" mindset. Please be honest in this respect – we will test your entrepreneurial thinking because you will need it to be a good fit with our firm and our corporate culture. Put briefly, "entrepreneurial thinking" means that you want to build a business for yourself.

What we can offer

SKW Schwarz is a national and international commercial law firm whose corporate culture is characterized by comparatively young partners. Perhaps the most important thing we are offering to young lawyers is sufficient freedom for development.

We have no strict hierarchy like large law firms. There are no "closed-off" departments that consist of one senior partner, several junior partners and many associates. At our firm, associates do not work exclusively for one partner but for different partners, affording them the opportunity to gain a broad range of knowledge and experience before deciding on the branch of law they want to specialize in. We do not want "rank and file" employees working on legal details in the background; rather, we ensure that our associates get into direct contact with our clients as soon as possible.

Our entrepreneurial culture requires our lawyers to create niches for themselves. There are no rules on which assignments should be taken or rejected. All our lawyers can develop their own interests and manage their own relationships. The atmosphere at our firm favors lawyers with an entrepreneurial mindset, who want to become partners. At our firm, it is not necessary for lawyers to leave the organization so that we can take on new partners. In order to become a partner, lawyers must demonstrate excellent legal knowledge, a clear advisory profile and a personality that fits our firm. They must either have their own business or present a convincing business plan for the future. And finally we expect a future partner to work in the best interests of the firm as a whole.

Our structures will give all parents sufficient freedom to balance their professional and family lives. If parents want to reduce their working hours for a certain period, our internal procedures are flexible enough to adjust. Working from a home office is another opportunity.

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