Real Estate

In our focus on REAL ESTATE, we comprehensively support market participants in the real estate industry in their activities dealing with real property. Our clients include real estate companies, investors, project developers, asset managers, real estate funds, insurance companies and banks, private equity firms, commercial tenants, hotel operators, hospital and retirement home operators, public companies, contractors, and brokers. Our lawyers are advising primarily in the following areas (Practice Groups):

Real Estate Transactions

Our transaction teams assist clients in the acquisition and sale of real estate and real estate portfolios, whether in the form of share or asset deals. This includes services such as:

  • Transaction structuring (data room, Letter of Intent, exclusivity and non-disclosure agreements)
  • Due Diligence
  • Contract negotiation and design
  • Sale and leaseback transactions
  • Acquisition finance
  • Tax structuring
  • Structuring of closed-end funds
  • Communications with notaries and land registries

Our experience extends to all asset classes of real estate, in particular to the retail (department stores, shopping centers, etc.), hospitality (hotels, resorts, promoters, operators, etc.), logistics, office building, housing, and health care sectors, and to municipal infrastructure.

Rental Estate Management

Our Real Estate Management Practice Group specializes in legal issues arising from the management and marketing of real estate. We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Asset management (strategic facility management)
  • Property management
  • Facility management
  • Risk management and Compliance

This includes in particular matters such as:

  • Leasing (especially commercial properties for both landlords and tenants)
  • Energy supply of the property (e.g., heat and energy contracting)
  • Technical supply of the property (TV and cable contracts for real estate portfolios, elevator management for the entire portfolio of buildings, etc.)
  • Other property-related topics (such as handling of hazardous materials in and around buildings, misappropriation topics, Business Improvement Districts, etc.)

In addition to advising and representing clients in contractual matters (contract drafting and negotiation, enforcement and defense of rights during the contractual relationship, and – where required – early termination of contracts), we also provide support in the field of strategic decision-making processes and projects based on our many years of industry experience.

Construction Law and Architectural Law

In construction law and architectural law, our advice includes the handling of individual issues pertaining to construction law up to comprehensive legal advice during construction in complex and multi-year building projects (office buildings, hotels, residential properties, logistics properties, infrastructure projects, engineering structures, etc.). Our activities in this context focus on:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts with project management, planners, and contractors
  • Advice during the construction phase
  • Construction process during crisis periods (supplements; impairments of the construction process, scheduling and financial implications; termination; denial of service; insolvency of construction parties, etc.)
  • Construction awards
  • Use of collateral in construction
  • Handling of warranty cases
  • Representation in arbitration expert and arbitration proceedings and before the ordinary courts (litigation)

The success of counseling pertaining to construction law depends among others very much on how comprehensively the conditions relating to planning law as well as the financial and technical framework of a project are determined and understood. For us, therefore, close collaboration with the authorities, engineering and finance teams is of utmost importance. It is our objective to develop and implement optimum legal solutions with our clients taking into account all framework conditions.

Public Construction Law and Planning Law

Our Public Construction and Planning Law Practice Group focuses on the following areas:
City. Planning. Law
The modern city is the living environment for the majority of the population in Germany and across the world. Some 50% of people worldwide live in cities. Mobility and urbanism are developed and controlled by intelligent planning and a reasonable coexistence of all the actors. Infrastructure for energy and telecommunications open the city to life and work. Cities and their development must be planned. This requires the experience and expertise of specialist advisers such as city planners, architects, and lawyers. We are a part thereof, working hand in hand in teams with other experts and develop with our clients their part of the urban space.
Our areas of expertise are:

  • Neighboring law
  • Special urban development law (development areas, renovation and conservation areas)
  • Modern forms of cooperation (Business Improvement Districts)
  • Road law

Culture. Construction. Law
Livable cities are a mix of the contemporary and heritage. Building history blends with the requirements of today's living environment. Our clients want their projects to meet the demands of the modern city, while at the same time respecting the cultural heritage of centuries. In cooperation with experienced lawyers, architects find solutions, how contemporary building can fit into structures worthy of protection.
Our areas of expertise are:

  • Heritage protection law
  • Nature conservation law
  • Design statutes and regulations

Safety. Order. Law
Urban life carries risks of its own and often leads to new conflicts. Protection of life, health and property is guaranteed by numerous safety and law enforcement requirements. Environmental protection in construction means the use of materials tested for harmful substances, energy efficiency and sustainability in planning, procurement and in construction activities. Our clients seek the sensible compromise between safety, environmental protection, and economic construction. We assist by collaborating with architects and engineers in defining the ideal compromise in communication with authorities and testing institutes.
Our areas of expertise are:

  • Building Codes of all German states
  • Fire protection law
  • Environmental protection in construction
  • Compliance and penalty liability

Projects. Development. Law
It takes a long way from the idea on the drawing board to the opening ceremony. A project wants to be developed correctly. Owning a property does not automatically convey the right to develop it. Infrastructure needs to be brought to the property. A development plan is required to structure the project. Contracts with municipalities and waste disposal companies ensure that "the building rights is acquired" in due time. We support our clients in their development project as long as necessary and to the extent possible. We are "buckling down," discuss the project with the actors in administration, in the neighborhood, and in politics. Projects need communication, commitment of all stakeholders, and of course a lot of experience.
Our areas of expertise are:

  • Building planning law including project and development plans
  • Development law of the Federal government and state governments
  • Environmental protection and soil protection law
  • Water and wastewater law
  • Specialist planning law
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