Private Clients

SKW Schwarz supports its clients in all legal issues which may come up in their personal lives.

Succession law

In succession law we advise on all matters, starting with anticipated succession via the distribution of an estate among heirs and inheritance sales up to the optimal wording of a testament. If requested, we will also act as executors.

Company succession planning

To sell or to continue the business? If to sell: to whom? If to continue: by whom? These are typical questions in company succession planning. We support our clients in planning and structuring successions, both in the business and the private sphere. In doing so, we consider all relevant corporate-law, tax, succession and family law considerations.

Advice to family-owned companies

We advise to family-owned companies as a whole, i.e. management, or individual partners. We prepare partner meetings, work out strategies jointly with our clients' advisers and accompany restructuring and refinancing measures. We always try to achieve a balance between the interests of the individual partners and within the company as such.

Family law

In family law matters we prepare and examine marriage contracts and tax issues for couples; in case of a separation or divorce we assert our clients' claims. We help to resolve issues concerning support payments between spouses or non-married partners, between parents and children or between other related persons.

Of course we will represent our clients' interests in court; if requested, we will act in the framework of mediation.

It is SKW Schwarz's advantage in personal matters of a client – for example in succession law, company succession planning or family law –  that our lawyers can deal well with figures. "Traditional" family law is not sufficient to conduct difficult company valuations or determine the income of persons who are entitled to or obliged to make support payments. In succession law tax considerations play a major role. And our clients benefit from another aspect as well: Thanks to our firm's size we are able to quickly set up a team of lawyers from all relevant fields of law for complex distributions touching upon corporate law.

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