The activities of a civil law notary are fundamentally different from those of a lawyer. While a lawyer represents particular interests – those of his client, a civil law notary is more neutral. As independent holders of a public office, notaries record legal transactions and perform other tasks in the precautionary administration of justice. They are to try and find adequate solutions balancing the parties' interests.

As notaries we consider ourselves modern service providers who draft contracts in the best interests of the parties. We closely cooperate with other advisers such as lawyers and tax consultants. In the rare cases in which we do not draft our documents ourselves we closely examine standard contracts and other documents. If we believe that certain issues might be handled better or differently, we make proposals to that effect.

The focus of our notary work lies on corporate law, real estate law and succession law and family law.

  • In corporate law, drafting corporate agreements, partnership agreements and decisions, taking notes at shareholder meetings, supporting company transformations such as mergers, spin-offs and changes in the legal form, preparing and implementing corporate transactions (asset or share deals) and drafting and certifying commercial register entries are only some of our services.
  • In real estate law, we work mainly on drafting, certifying and implementing real estate transfers, creating charges on properties, usufructuary rights, easements, preferential purchase rights, etc., establishing residential or partial ownership and creating hereditary building rights.
  • In family and succession law notaries usually act as advisers on the structuring of private assets, on succession and on corporate succession. In particular, they draft and certify marriage and partnership contracts, separation and divorce agreements, last wills and testaments and succession contracts, donations and agreements on early succession.

Since we act not only at the national, but also at the international level, we will of course draft and certify contracts and other documents in English as well.

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