SKW Schwarz works for fiction, non-fiction, academic, newspaper and magazine publishers on issues of publishing, copyright and competition law as well as of press law issues (right of free speech versus privacy rights).

We draft publisher, author, illustrator, photographer, translator and editor contracts and represent publishers in disputes with competitors, authors, editors, translators, illustrators and graphic designers. We also advise academic publishers on cooperation, development and magazine contracts. Concerning the right of free speech we advise companies (not least in connection with critical press releases) and private individuals and conduct disputes on press and privacy rights issues, including obtaining or averting preliminary injunctions, corrections etc.

Our lawyers do not only write and negotiate contracts, they also represent our clients in court. We regularly conduct press and publisher proceedings on behalf of our clients. Thanks to our years of experience we can usually guess the optimal strategy for each case.

SKW Schwarz's expertise in IT, internet and e-business law enables us to give competent advice to popular and academic publishers about recent developments such as electronic publications, mixed forms between print and electronic products (for example non-fiction books), e-books etc. Our experience with the film and TV business is helpful publishers and authors if a book is to be turned into a movie.

In cooperation with Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels SKW Schwarz has created standard contracts for publishers. These have been published in the German-language standard work "Recht im Verlag" (Wegner/Wallenfels/Kaboth: Recht im Verlag, Verlag C.H. Beck), to which two of our lawyer contributed as editors and authors.

In 2007 SKW Schwarz received the JUVE award as "Law Firm of the Year" for press and publishing law.

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